Over your lifetime, you’ll spend 1,728 HOURS shaving your legs! That equals 72 days of your life spent on leg hair. It’s absurd, but the alternative of donning hairy legs is equally unappealing, right? Allow me to introduce you to my life hack which takes only 5 minutes, once per week. This is my solution […]

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June 3, 2021

If you hate shaving your legs, here’s the best affordable solution

Hey everyone! My name is Amber, and I have been in the beauty industry for 17 years as a cosmetologist and make-up artist. I’m also a mom of two boys, so my beauty routine has really worked itself down to what’s vital. I also wanted to pass on some advice I wish I had listened […]


March 17, 2021

5 Essential Beauty Tips From a 17-Year Industry Professional

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