Last year was the first year I worked on curating my personal style, and I learned 5 key lessons along the way that make styling outfits in the mornings easier & simpler. 1. Decluttering is absolutely necessary. I’ve found that the less stuff you have, the more dialed-in you are to your personal style. This […]

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January 22, 2022

5 Style Lessons From Last Year

This new life motto started in a place where all good philosophical ideas begin: my wardrobe. Let’s rewind to a few years ago when my closet looked like… Actually, I’ll do one better. My shoe closet looked like this: I was 26 years old with my first corporate salaried position. I was already working on […]

Declutter, Lifestyle

September 8, 2021

Life Motto: “If it’s not a banger, it’s a no for me.”

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