About Priska

Consider me your favorite shopping buddy!

I grew up poor. No, not just poor, but broke.

When I started earning a steady salary in my 20s, I quickly bought whatever my heart desired and although I was making good money, I owned a lot of junk that I didn't really like, want, or need.

the problem

We see 8,000 ads a day, and most of us don't think too deeply about why we purchase the goods, services, and subscriptions that we do. We're busy living life, working, and feeding our families.

Priska jordan,
Creator of the 30s Guide

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the solution

Ten years ago, I owned 100 pairs of shoes. Today, I own about 100 pieces of clothing. The difference isn't that I spend more money on clothes or kitchenware or meal kits. The solution is that I'm in tune with my personal values & desires, and I've learned to see past the 8,000 marketing messages we see to discern high quality products. And that's what I want to teach you to do, too!